Dana Costea

5Rhythms SpaceHolder & Producer

Dana has fallen in love with 5Rhythms in 2012, has been organizing workshops with certified teachers from abroad since 2015 and is a SpaceHolder since 2018. Her facilitating style is warm, gentle, creative and structured.

Facilitating 5Rhythms is for me about holding a safe and creative space inside which we can explore the uncharted territories of the Self. To push past the boundaries of what we already know about ourselves. To take the quest for the raw, the real, the courageous and the vulnerable parts of us where true inner power resides.

My mentor is Ron Hagendoorn, certified 5Rhythms teacher (Waves and Heartbeat levels). He is from Netherlands who teaches internationally (in Bucharest he holds workshops regularly).

The 5Rhythms are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. They form a map and each of them is a gateway to a part of our own Self, to a state of our being. Some of the five rhythms we know better, some are not so familiar to us. Each of them holds an important key for our overall health, our fulfillment and our feeling of togetherness.

This journey of working with my body through movement and dance has started when I realized my propensity for ruminating on past life events, spending much time on ideas, theories and future dreams. I also became aware of my disconnection from my body and not trusting or following my intuition enough in my daily life.

Dancing the 5Rhythms has become for me:

  1. “my gym”, where I am learning to explore and to connect deeper and deeper with my body;
  2. “my social melting pot” where I feel free to express my authentic self while connecting with the others as they are;
  3. “my temple” where I can lose myself into nothingness and find myself again by accessing the divine force of life.

My continuing personal and professional development includes NLP, individual and team coaching, Generative Coaching, organizational development & management courses, Energetic Dance, spiritual retreats.